Athleticism First

Athleticism First

We all understand the need to develop skill in the sport of baseball. Baseball might just be the most skill-driven sport there is out there.  You have to learn how to throw, catch, hit, then learn to pitch, field ground balls, and hit for power.  You could go on and on regarding the countless skills you must develop as a baseball player. And, skill is what can eventually separate you as a hitter, pitcher, or fielder.  But, as important as skills are to a baseball player, every player should develop athleticism first.

The development of athleticism has a much smaller (and younger) window than sport-specific skill development, and is generally considered to be at its peak during adolescence and early adulthood. This is because during this time, individuals experience significant physical growth and development, including changes in muscle mass, bone density, and hormone levels. And, like developing motor skills and language, critical stages exist for developing fundamental movement and general athleticism.  Again, like learning a language, it is much easier to learn these movements and athleticism at a young age.

Studies have shown, that generally, kids in the ages 8 to 12 are at the most critical stage for developing general athleticism.  After that, the ability to build that purely athletic base really begins to close.  However, the window to learn and master sport-specific skills is much longer and can be achieved at older ages.  So make sure you are encouraging your kids to "be athletic" and to "train athletically" when they are young!  Develop that athleticism first, and the sport-specific skills will come (easier) later on.

CTX Athletics is ready to help your child develop this athleticism.  Be sure to check out our Strength and Athleticism section to find a fit for you!  Or feel free to reach out to with any questions.

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