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Customized Strength Training Program

Customized Strength Training Program

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Be a BEAST! Strength helps all aspects of baseball.  Throw faster, hit harder, move quicker.  Strength training is important, no matter what position you play or roll you have on the team. It even helps to reduce the risk of injury.
Let CTX coach you to become a stronger athlete reduce your risk of injury.  We utilize both proven techniques and cutting edge research and technology to help you get the most out of your workouts and time.  Coach Pat Kellner has years of experience guiding athletes of different ages and ability (and at all levels of sports) to become better versions of themselves on the field and in the gym.                                                                                
Please contact us directly regarding any questions, about our availability, and further details regarding our Speed and Agility Program. Our team is eager to assist you and provide all the necessary information to help you take your game to the next level.                                                                                                                                         

$75 basic 6-week plan.  This is a one-time fee. This is a basic strength training workout plan.

This will provide:
  • Pre-training questionnaire for customization (will be emailed to you within 24 hours)
  • Personalized 6-week workout plan tailored to your age, level, goals, sports, and positions, with the "workout(s)" for that day (that includes rest/recovery work as well).  
  • A video link to each exercise/movement to help guide him.  
This does not provide:
  • Progression of the exercises
  • One-on-one sessions or virtual meetings.
Note - You can always add on In-person coaching/workouts at our in-person lesson rate: $50 for 30 minutes, $75 for an hour, $100 for 1.5 hours (We will provide the equipment needed for anything in person.)

$200 Customized Virtual Program.  This is a monthly fee.  This allows for customization and progression based on his progress and schedule.

This will provide:
  • You will be contacted to schedule your initial, virtual interview within 24 hours 
  • Pre-training virtual interview or questionnaire (up to you) to assess current levels, experience, goals, and a starting point.
  • Personalized weekly workout plan tailored to your age, level, goals, sports, and positions that is customized and progresses throughout the entirety of you working with CTX.
  • Weekly "coaching" meetings via Google Meet or Email, to answer questions, check progress, discuss schedule, help with anything you need.
  • Video links to each movement/exercise to help guide him.
  • Tracking log, to measure progression on "core" metrics.
  • The ability to reach out via email, text, or phone call with any questions/guidance.  We will answer/return these as soon as possible.
This does not provide:
  • In-person workouts (but these can be added for the same rates mentioned above)
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